Affiliate networks that serve ads over ssl?


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Does anyone know good Affiliate networks that can deliver ads over ssl (https) ?
This really seems to be a big problem!

I'm looking for this for my travel related forum (Europe)
Does anyone know if is delivering ads over ssl?

Thanks :)

Anthony Parsons

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I use my own adserver, that way I can deliver the ad, simply referring to the affiliate. In my case... being Amazon, which I've had the most success with affiliate commission of all tried over the past six months. This negates the https issue, as I also run ssl.

Daniel Hood

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#3 provides their banners over https. We'll also be releasing some XenForo related tools sometime in the near future (a banner rotator which will allow you to automatically display a random banner/link that matches your search (keyword, category, etc)).


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I don't need a local ad server. That's not the problem. For my in house ads I already have a solution.
I just want to use the ad networks that already have the connections with big brand names. As a small player I won't be able to get there attention on my own to place there ads. Most of them use I signed up and asked them about, waiting for an answer now.

I will have a look at Peerfly :)