Add-on Affiliate Cloaking System

Live Free

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I'm looking for an existing add-on that can cloak affiliate URLs and can convert existing urls/existing keywords to links.

For example, converting:
When users visit the second link, they are redirected to under my affiliate id.

This add-on should ideally be able to find existing links to (non-affiliate links and affiliate links of others) and change them to the second link above.

The add-on should also be able to target specific keywords, such as "Affiliate Site" anywhere in the forum and convert them to links to my second URL.

The closest I've found is AndyB's Affiliate Parser add-on. I haven't tested it yet. It seems that it can do the second half of what I'm seeking - it can convert existing urls to the url with your id. It can't mask the url so it's not known it's an affiliate link and it can't convert specific keywords.

*******'s paid auto-link replacer add-on seems to be able to target keywords and replace them with specific links, but not cloak them and not [generally] target existing urls to a site (though perhaps a specific url).

I'm wondering if an existing add-on exists that functions as a combination of the two and also allows you to cloak links? Would this best be accomplishes through taking your affiliate url and setting up a route filter and using that route filter link anytime you wanted to link to the site? Can this be done when linking off-site?

Adam K M

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From the sound of it, it looks like you know of an add-on which can handle all of the URL changing for you, and all you need now is something which makes anyone going to be sent to ?
Well, you could add something to your XenForo's root directory, ie
  header( 'Location:' ) ;