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Hey guys, me again

I am one of the holdouts at vb that refused to upgrade to 4.xtra.crapx until it was stable...well 18 months and that hasn't happened.

I have a couple vb and vbseo licenses, but not likely i will get to sell them because they are 3.x

anyway, i am soooo itching to buy xenforo. There are some other established forums out there, but its all old architecture

XF clearly has the right base for the future, its just it is still early adopter stage.

Well my needs won't let me way 18 months for xenfor to be everything i need right away

I have a 90% functioning vb of what i need but its 3.8 and I don't see throwing good money after bad.


based off of you guys experience I have 2 questions

1) since i can't yet find anyone here available who is familiar with xf..if i find a decent css/php/jquery/ajax coder, can i just hire them and expect good results?

2) I am looking to hire someone hourly or weekly since there is much to do on an ongoing basis. What is the average cost (price and time) of producing the typical not-too-fancy mod for xf. Like the existing ones today of portal and calendar.

My needs are pretty simple, majority of it is pulling data from the db, rearranging it, and presenting it to users in one way or another. There are a few 3rd party integrations I might like added to, but again, i think a decent coder should have no problem with any of this stuff (I used to run a software/web company so I don't have my head TOTALLY in the clouds :p)

I just want someone who will work faithfully for more then 2 hours or 1 day at a time.

i can't post too publicly what I need, because of the competitive nature of the niche. But what i need are things in realtion to navigation, post bit, profile, layout and over all user experience. Again, not a lot of code stuff (i don't think) as far as creating new things...mostly making it look and flow like I envision.

any thoughts are welcome..thanks in advance.


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A quick look through the add-ons forum should give you a good idea of which developers to approach, depending on your needs.

You can either contact one of them or post in the add-on requests forum with your specific requirements - obviously you need to have full access to the forum to do so.

There aren't fixed rates or costs, each job is evaluated on its merits by the developer(s) concerned.

Any developer will be able to work with the XenForo code but obviously someone who is familiar with it will be able to produce results in a shorter time.