Advice sought from any Finance/Business/Forex forums using XF


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Greetings All

Are there any business or finance related XF based forums here which are growing consistently?

I have a similar forum with 360+ members but I need some advice and guidance as to what should or could be added to my forum, or what can be tweaked etc., to help my current membership base to get more active thereby speed up the growth of my forum?

Advice and guidance appreciated, and I would also appreciate any DM’s to help me.

Regards to All
I don't run a forum myself, but I think looking at forum growth purely (or even primarily) from a tool/tweaks perspective might be misguided.

What tangible reason/benefit is there for people to come to and participate in your forum, as opposed to scrolling through the thousands of Facebook groups and YouTube channels that compete for attention from the same audience?

The only business/money/entrepreneurship forum I frequent is MJ DeMarco's (it runs Xenforo). I found out about this forum from the owner's two books (The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted)... but what keeps me going back are:
  1. The GOLD threads: "how I did it" entrepreneurial stories and detailed how-to guides from successful entrepreneurs, many of whom have sold their businesses for multi-million dollars.
  2. The EXECUTION threads: people documenting their actual journey of starting and growing their businesses, everything from your run-of-the-mill web agency, to e-commerce sites, real estate, offline businesses, and even actual successful inventions that are now selling millions of units.
Good luck!
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