Advice from adsense - how to implement?


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Google have been proactive in advising me how best to place my ads. This is the latest message I received from my monetisation specialist. What is the easiest way to go about making the changes they have suggested?

"I have a few suggestions in regards to the ad placements to try and raise the CPC & CTR for your account.

I would like to encourage you to place up to 3 text and image ads and some of the existing ads will require some adjustment as to where they are placed.

Here are some tips and recommendations which are Google AdSense's best practice which consist of different ad sizes and the best places to put them.

- To place a 970x90 ad unit below the navigation/menu bar. You have an ad there now so you can skip this one.

- To place a 160x600 ad unit on the top of the right side navigation bar, the further up the better

- To place a 336x280 ad unit at the end of the content, before the social media sharing buttons

As for forum pages when there is no side nav bar, try to incorporate 2 rectangle ads (336x280). Place 1 in between the posts and another one at the end of the posts.

Do that for all the article and category pages so that we will have enough data to track the performance. The more the better.

I would also recommend you to continue using responsive ad units so that the ads can automatically resize themselves when it is being viewed on a smaller screen device as 45% of your users are coming from mobile platforms.

*if you are ready and can take on more, you can also incorporate Page-level ads (anchor ads to be specific) which will help with revenue as well."
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