XF 2.0 Advertising, widgets, public navigation from test server to real server


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Is there any way to export advertisments and advertisment positions from a test server to be able to import them to the real server when it is updated?

The same for widgets and widget positions? And customized Public navigation?
Languages and styles can be exported and imported, is there anything else I have forgotten.

It would be nice to prepare all or some of this in advance and not have to do it all by hand after an update to XF2.0


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I think the short answer is currently no :-(

I made a suggestion for import/export of widgets but I don't think it got much attention.


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Just bumping this, it's proving to be quite a pain setting widgets up on our test install and knowing that we'll have to do it all over again when we go live!

Is there a way to hack together an "export"? Will dumping the database table just break everything?