Lack of interest Advanced delete + "Your deleted posts" section


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Hopefully simple, but I think a quality feature.

When we delete a thread on our classifieds, it is usually for breaking a rule for the classifieds, missing picture, incorrect details etc.

What we would like to see is when we delete a thread to have a message similar to the warning system, where the mod can select a quick reason why the thread was deleted, then automatically message the user informing them as such. These options would be set up with a tickbox or similar in admin, so if deleted for breaking these rules it should show up in the users profile opposed to just being gone.

The post would then show up in a "Your deleted posts" of the users profile or similar, so they could select the deleted post and re-make it following the rules.




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Alerts when own posts have been deleted would be appreciated. It kind of annoys me when posts vanish without reason.