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I want to change my board to Xenforo 2.

I already tested several Boards and every time I had problems with my AdTags.

All these Boards had the feature to use their own "Ad Management". But nothing worked.
I have to place a script into the <head>, before </body> and the ad-codes into the place of the website where I want to display the ads.

So I think I can place all these codes into the templates. Yeah... no...
There was only one board who showed the ads by using {literal} before the AdTags.

What do you think? Is this also possible in Xenforo?


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You can set up an xF demo board and try it for yourself ;) If XF 2 isn't available as a demo, you can use the contact form to request it.

But I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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This might answer your problem if I understand it correctly...

For some reason a tag will not display within some web pages if it has not been allocated space to do so, and simply using the following code including a defined margin-left will display the ad:

<div id="your_ad_tag; style="margin-left:5px"></div>

margin-left could also be defined within css