Hi I am trying to add google adsense on to my website and am totally stuck, I have got the text in the page container between the head ones and that seems okay, but it is saying that there is an issue with the ads.txt. status. It says No ads.txt file was found when the site was last crawled. Does anyone know how to fix this please? I am absolutely terrible at any IT and would appreciate any help and as basic as possible please. Thank you very much

Also I dont know what version of Xenforo I have, it was last updated on the in september 22
I don't know what that means but I have found the public_html on my A2hosting panel and I added a file and copied the text. It hasn't worked so I am wondering if I needed to add it as a folder and not a file? Thank you very much for trying to help! It is showing the file I added as 0bytes Edit I pasted the code into a word pad document and uploaded that as a folder. It still can't find it. I am going to give up for now, it's v tricky.
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I am not sure how to add anything into the file, I just pressed the add file button and pasted the code, then enter and now it is showing but as 0bytes. I cant see anywhere to put anything in to the file if that makes sense? So basically I think I have uploaded a file with the code as the name but the file is empty. I have also put the code into word pad and uploaded that as a folder, that one is showing as 252 bytes so has something in it but it is still showing as a 404 error.

EDIT - I think I have added it to the file! It is now showing as 58 bytes

EDIT - still showing 404 error. Thank you anyway, I am going to give up for now!
I think it's best to let someone help you because it's hard to explain everything without having access to that server.

You could try to create a ticket for the Xenforo staff or you could DM me with info so I can take a look if you want.
I am absolutely terrible at any IT and would appreciate any help and as basic as possible please.
If that is the case you may find it simpler to put the ad code in an advertising position instead of having to edit a template.

In your Admin Control Panel you will see on the navigation Advertising under Setup.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 09.34.51.png

That is where you can just paste the code and optionally choose which usergroups see it.

By default that will also exclude the ad from certain areas of the forum that otherwise Google might nag you about (e.g. conversation and login templates)

The ads.txt should just be a text file which you can edit in any simple text editor
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Thank you, I have put it in there but keep getting the message about fixing it on google adsense, it says we basically wont make any money unless we fix it. I have left it for now as I had to go out.

I'm not sure what a text editor is. Honestly, I am embarrassed for myself at this point!
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