Tracy Perry

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I'm talking about activating my AdSense Google will not accept it by just putting the code there.
That's not what you asked about....
But it takes a while for the Adsense ads to start being served. You DO have to "just put the codes there" first, and then eventually (unless Google finds violations of their TOS on your site) ads will start being served.
It is what I asked but should of said it's for the activating part anyway Google said theirs Insufficient content on the site winch is not true so not too sore what to do.


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Aye, that is your issue, according to Google and anyone visiting, your site has no content. Open the site for guest reading.


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Aye, 20 threads and 119 posts, with most discussions in the staff applications and introduction forums, is no where enough content. You need much more content, specifically content related to the much you are trying to target.