Adsense Warning!


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I got the following warning from adsense today:

Publishers may not implement Google ads in a manner that makes them more prominent than the content of the page itself. On mobile devices this includes placing two or more Google ads on the viewscreen at the same time. Please be aware that if you have responsive website design that ads may shift into non compliant positions as the format of the screen changes.

In order to remain fully compliant please ensure that your site and ad layout remain compliant across all devices. For more information this policy can be found on our help center and on this short video.
And the example page it linked was the search page with a no results. I currently have 2 ads (ad_below_top_breadcrumb, ad_below_content) Does this mean I just can't have ads on the search page since it's very easy to search for something that returns with no results?

It's weird cause I have multiple forums all using the same theme for years now and only now are they complaining?!

Mark T

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In order for google to sell quality ad impressions to clients, I wouldnt be surprised that they are just insuring that their ad feeds to websites remain in their quality definition.