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Adsense Placement for XenForo Forums - One Way to Do It

Amin Sabet

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Amin Sabet submitted a new resource:

Adsense Placement - One Way - Adsense placement I use for good earnings and user experience

I decided to write out how I do my Adsense placements.

This is primarily meant to be a resource to myself for those times that I experiment and forget how to return to my defaults. I'm sharing it here for others who may want to do something similar.

The goals of this method are to achieve a good balance between revenue and user experience. I also wanted to keep SEO in mind.

For the thread view, I choose to have:
-No ads above the first post
-1 ad below the first post on each page...

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What sort of revenue are you seeing from this configuration?

One thing I do recommend is a Conditional Call To Action below each post. "These ads will disappear once you sign up" The whole phrase is a link to my signup page. Or if you are logged in, then "These ads aren't shown to premium users" The whole phrase is a link to the accounts upgrade page. These are passive Calls To Action and they work! I get about a grand a year in premium upgrades.

Amin Sabet

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I think Google's TOS doesn't allow me to share the revenue figures.

Can you please share the code you use for your conditional call the action as well as where you specifically place it.
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Thanks for sharing! Do you find that you get better revenue having your ad below first post on threadview vs in the header?


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Quick bug fix. on ad_message_below the if else for the ad size should be encapsulated:

  if ( adWidth >= 728 ){
      google_ad_size = ["728", "90"];}
    else {
      google_ad_size = ["300", "250"];}

Also, you should change the small ad size to 300x250, it has a much better fill rate than 320x250.

Amin Sabet

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Amin Sabet updated Adsense Placement for XenForo Forums - One Way to Do It with a new update entry:

Typo fixes, non-content page exclusions added

I fixed a typo where it said "320x250" instead of "300x250" in some of the templates (thanks, @dvsDave ).

Also moved some of the code from the footer template (no longer used) to the ad_below_bottom_breadcrumb template.

Added exclusions for non-content pages in order to comply with Adsense policies.

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Hello thank you.
I have created a 970 x 250 in adsense CP
I reduced the code in XF template to 800 x 250 to fit my DIV.
Do i have the right to resize the ad container without being worried by Adsense rules ?


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If you add adsense ads by the scripts under the template "ad_message_below", member can not reply on that thread, you can check