XF 2.1 Ads Placement


I have been battling for the longest time to resolve this issue.

I have these kind of ads

<script data-adfscript="adx.adform.net/adx/?mid=686305"></script>
<script src="//s2.adform.net/banners/scripts/adx.js" async defer></script>

That I need to run on the forum.

But for some reason the forum doesn't take JavaScript

But made a plan buy using this script <xf:js type="text/javascript" src="https://adx.adform.net/adx/?mid=684741&rnd=%%ADFRND%%" /> and the now appear but appear below the footer.

I am not sure what is it that I need to do. I even went as buying an Addons thinking that that might help but still.

please advise.


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Check with adform.net for how to choose where the ads are displayed.

But I think those scripts you posted are probably meant to go in the header, i.e., before the closing /head tag in your PAGE_CONTAINER TEMPLATE.