Ads on Page

How would i remove ads that display like on a page that i made. i'm using this but it wont work with my pages'

<xen:if is="!in_array({$contentTemplate}, array('member_view', 'message_page', 'help_terms', 'quick_navigation_menu', 'thread_reply', 'error', 'help_index', 'search_form', 'search_form_post', 'search_form_profile_post', 'search_results', 'register_form', 'account_upgrades', 'login', 'error_with_login', 'online_list', 'language_chooser', 'thread_create', 'content_removed', 'contact'))">

content_removed < Is my page but ads still show up when i added it to that list
Which version if xF2 there iw option in advertise to write template names where you do not wish to show ads.

In xF 1.5
Try adding that in page container in ad display code area.(i am not sure but it will work there)