Admins Beware, New Scam

I do consultancy for a company and we get phishing and scamming tests online monthly

Another friend of mine is the MD of a large company UK based, with locations worldwide, they got hit a month ago with a bitcoin ransomware when an employee in an EU country hit a link months back, which put some ransomeware virus on there PCs which then over a month or so spread across 40% of the groups computers and servers..... Then everything got locked and the got the bitcoin request...... It has cost them heavy in lost software and backups as all were corrupted.......
At my previous company the managing director actually clicked on a link (he was researching Mongolian yurts for a holiday) and crippled the whole filesystem with a bitcoin ransomware attack. Took us hours to undo the damage and we lost all data from that day. If I wasn't staying late and noticed the filesystem getting encrypted in real time it would've been a lot worse - luckily didn't get into the netapp backups.
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