XF 2.2 Administrator account disabled?


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Hey guys,
Im unsure what the issue is, but just in the past few minutes my account went to a status of unregistered/unconfirmed?, which meant that I couldn't access the forum. This is concerning as I'm the owner and administrator.

Am I being hacked? Is this an attempt to hijack the forum?

Is this a bug?

Both times I was able to log into the admin panel and change it back to "Registered" in which case I was okay, but again, this is a bit concerning.

@AndyB have you seen this before?

@Chris D any suggestions?

Im running v2.2.13
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As you can see here, it seems my account was set to unregistered/unconfirmed?


For some strange reason also my name was changed, although I can tell those are values that I would've used at some point. No idea when though? Could this be a host running an update or transferring files or something?

I dont yet see anything suspicious in the logs.
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