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Liam W

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AdminCP Firewall Paid - Protect your AdminCP, in style!

This is the paid version of my AdminCP Firewall Add-On!

This version has no branding, and it also adds the ability to set a time range as to when each Admin is allowed to login to the AdminCP!

It also has the free features:

  • Email on CP login
  • Email on failed login
  • IP deny
  • IP email
All this, and the new feature for only £25 per public forum!
You will also be supporting a young developer ;)
Please PM ME when you have completed your purchase.
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Liam W

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From reading the description, it seems like paying the 25 GBP will get you the free version without his copyright and one extra feature. Other than that, it seems like the same add-on.
You're right there :)

I'm just uploading the screenshots now :)

(Eeek, looked in the footer for the AdminCP link then)