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Recently purchased this site and am hoping to re-invigorate the traffic and content. Simple XF installation with Resource Manager using xenBlock. My forte is in DFP, CPM ad management and responsive ad positioning, and I'm going to be creating Resource items and step-by-step guides as I find time...plus learning from others :)



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Just had a quick look and you'll need to adjust the layout of subforums in the forum list. They are partially cut off and at narrower widths they disappear.

Screen resolution 1366 x 768:


Screen resolution 1024 x 768:
Note that these subforums are mission altogether


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Reminds me of another admin community...

Might want to change the skin to something else to separate yourself from that community and others.


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Updating is on my list...it was in place when I acquired it and does need some better branding....tho really, most "standard" XF sites look similar...making this one stand out is a good idea :)