XF 1.3 Admin Panel Session Expiring too fast


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I'm facing issues that the admin session expires a lot.. Don't ahve a fixed time that I realized, but sometime its happens by only non stop navigatin throw the options.. I log in, click to open extra.css for example and bang: log out.

Any problem ??I tried on chrome anonym tag aswell and I have the sabe behavior.

edit: Its ONLY on admin panel. The session from the site is working fine.. looks like never expires.

Liam W

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Does your IP address change at all?

If it does (IE, you're using a CDN or you have an ISP that has a very dynamic IP), you'll get this as Admin sessions are locked to the IP - if the IP changes, then you're logged out.

In theory it's a good security mechanism, but it does have it's issues...


Liam W

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Yeah.. Im having this problem with my company wifi connection. My main connection works fine..

Thanks for the help :)
I had the same issue when I was using a CDN - the IP kept on changing.

I'm just glad I'm no longer tethering! My old phone provider changed the IP every 10 minutes, it would've been really annoying administering forums...