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Admin & Moderator email notifications?


Still working with a XenForo demo.

Question: Do Admins and Moderators receive email notifications whenever there is a post awaiting approval?

Question: Does the Admin receive an email notification when a new user has registered but is waiting for approval? (I've set the demo to require manual approval by admin, even after the user has confirmed his email address.)


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Liam W

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The answer is no to both, at least by default.

However, it's shown at the top of every page, so if they're visiting regularly it isn't really an issue...

Thanks for the quick and helpful responses ....

The answer is no to both, at least by default.
Okay. That's unfortunate. Perhaps that's how most forum software comes?

The Register Email add-on will send an email when there's a new registration.


Comment: I think it would be better if this sort of functionality was a built-in option. But maybe that's just me. Everyone has their own idea of what should be the "must-have" out-of-the-box features, and adding too many of them probably makes forum scripts cumbersome.

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Melbourne, Australia.


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If you have sufficient moderators/admits there should be no need for email notifications, the moderator bar at the top of the site gives sufficient warning that there are new users or posts requiring approval.

Mine is only a small site yet it's never very long for post and user approval. The only time it does take longer is overnight as the moderator team is all asleep (we're mostly UK based) and email notifications wouldn't change that!