XF 1.5 Admin Font Colour

Hi Guys,

I'm quite new to xenforo and am really liking it so far. I do have a small question regarding font colours and user groups (I think)?

Is it possible to adjust the text colour of a particular user group?
i.e. Admin will always post in blue, Mods in green etc etc?

The reason I ask is we are designing a team based forum game and we would like each team to be posting in their respective team colours.

Edit: is there also a way to have an icon next to their member name ?

Thanks in advance
Thanks Brogan for replying.
I'm still slightly confused as I don't see anything in EXTRA.css, is this normal?
I was under the impression I needed to look for the relevant entries and adjust as neccessary ?
Bear with me if I'm being dumb, I'm very new to this :(
Ahh ok Thanks :)

so I add:

.staff {
color: @primaryMedium;

and that should change staff message text colour (to what the style '@primaryMedium' is, got it....but it doesn't :(
I'm testing this on my own Admin account, nothing I do changes my post font colour, I checked user profile and I am staff, perhaps I have missed something ?
Am I to add that code to the default style EXTRA.css, or all of them ?


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You add it to the EXTRA.css template for the styles you are using.

If you have multiple styles then you add it to the parent style template and it will also apply to any child styles, assuming the child template hasn't itself been modified.
In which case, I've done everything that you've advised, I guess my forum has a gremlin (possibly me) and I'm at a loss now.
Thanks for your time and your advice :)


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I had no doubt in my mind I'm doing something wrong, just what i'm not sure, thanks though :)
Just to check, you are looking at the text in the posted message? It's this that changes colour, not the text in the editor as you type.

Also, are you using any add-ons that might affect the text editor (eg a replacement editor or another add-on)?
I'm looking at my posted message, I do have third party styles in place and I've made sure I added the required string into that EXTRA.css and not any other, the child styles, as Brogan pointed out, should inherit.
I have minimal addons, only:

Create Thread from Forum List by Waindigo 1.0.2
Nodes As Tabs 1.2.2
Template Modification System 1.3.1
Toggle ME 3.1.2
[xfr] User Albums 1.0.0 b7

FWIW, I created a test forum just now and it would seem that everything works as intended there :O

EDIT: I'm looking at that TMS addon and scratching my head...

P.S. your pulsating online icon is awesome, I just had to comment on it :)


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Try disabling your add-ons to see if that solves the issue. If it does, enable them one at a time to find the culprit (though I suspect it's related to TMS and something you are doing with that).

P.S. your pulsating online icon is awesome, I just had to comment on it :)
If you mean on my forums then thanks. :) That's a feature of the UI.X style.
I've disabled all of my addons and I've done exactly the same as I've done on my test forum, but still nothing, I'm really confused now.
I tried adding to EXTRA.css on both the default style and the parent of the child set I use...nada...

Martok said:
If you mean on my forums then thanks. :) That's a feature of the UI.X style.
Thanks for the style info, It's a really nice feature :)


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Try adding !important to it ie

.staff {
color: @primaryMedium !important;
If it works, then you have some CSS somewhere that's been overriding this (ideally you'll need to work out where so you don't need to use !important)

Of course, also make sure that if you are using @primaryMedium that it's not the same colour as your default text colour ;)