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borbole submitted a new resource:

Super Admin Content Protection (version 1.0) - It will protect the posts and threads of super admin

This mod will make the threads and posts of the super admin untouchable in several aspects/criteria.

1) Un-Deletable Threads&Posts

2) Un-Editable Threads&Posts

3) Un-Moveable Threads&Posts

4) Un-unapprovable Threads&Posts

5) Un-Mergable Threads&Posts

i.e. No one, besides the super admin, will be able to delete, edit, move, unapprove and merge the super admin posts.

Each protection can be enabled/disabled separately for posts and threads.

For more info, please have a look at the...

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That admin doesn't have his staff trained properly then. My staff would rather commit suicide than touch one of my posts or threads. :D

Anyone touching my posts in any shape or form would have their hands chopped off.

That being said. Another useful resource borbole. Always liking seeing what resource you post which are generally always useful. Nice work. (y)


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It makes me giggle when people are so certain that their staff would never touch a post of the admin. A young forum created from scratch also needs mods, but where to get? Not everybody starts a forum with friends helping out. You have to recruit interested people to help you out and of course you don't trust them 100% initially. You would be stupid if you do.

That said, great addon.


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I am not that familer with XF, but are you saying that a moderator can
delete Admin posts as is? as @luxus said, if they are not true friends, or
very close family, then dont trust them, and even if they are true friends,
and close family, you have to keep an eye on them, because you do not
want to wake up one day, and find your entire forum has been turned into a
monkey zoo, because your mod said that it was the way he liked it, and
thought it was best....:cautious: and always keep backups....:eek:
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