XF 1.2 Admin Can't Start Conversation With Banned Member?


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I have a member that was recently put into a ban through a moderator's infractions. I want to send the member a note so when they are out of their ban they can read the note, but the option to "Start A Conversation" under the "Information" tab isn't there.

Shouldn't Admin's (and moderators for that matter) be able to message banned members, or at least have that as an option?


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From what I can tell, xF is the only main forum platform that disables this functionality for admins to contact banned members. Any idea if this was by design or just ended up being how things were coded?


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Doesn't this presuppose that the majority of bans are permanent? Also, when a member is put into a ban from an infraction, doesn't the system automatically send them a conversation / PM... one which they won't be able to access until their ban is lifted?

I guess at this point it's a moot discussion since the functionality isn't there and would, I guess, just need to be put in as a product request.

Thanks again!


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It doesn't "cut off" communication as you are so implying. The user is banned, so regardless of being able to start one, the act of banning them would be cutting off communication.


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Click on the user, and amend the ban. Update the ban reason with the notification/communication (note) you want the user to see.