XF 1.1 Admin and Moderator Privileges all messed upA

K Ozturk


We have a weird situation here on our boards.

None of the Moderators, even the SuperModerators and Admins can not move threads or edit messages or carry out the most basic moderator duties.

Some supermoderators can not post in some forums at all.

I have no idea what the ordinary public is experiencing. Some of them probably think they are banned or something so they drift away from the forums. We have 12,000 users so there is no way I can check their situation one by one.

I have tried to override the situation by rearranging user group permissions but it has not had any effect on theproblem at all.

Is there a way to enforce a setting on all of a certain user group, or how do I reset all these?

The permissions section is so comprehensive, it is getting confusing so I feel like I am chasing my own tail here.

Thanks in advance.

And this happened after a year of operation, literally immediately after our one year support contract expired. I am not implying anything, but that's what happened.

Trying to revive my Paypal account so that I can pay for this support thingy and have someone check it, but it is taking so long.

Administrators and supermoderators are supposed to piss anywhere they please, right? All the privileges seem to have been granted here, yet no image at all.

As the highest order account, I can log into control panel, change anything I please in there, grant myself or anyone all the privileges, but when I go back to the forum side I am not any stronger than an ordinary punter there.

That's weird.
Check to see if any of the permissions are set to "NEVER" - that would definitely screw things up!!

If you find any Never settings change them to either Revoke or Not Set depending on how you want that option to work for that usergroup. (y)
This is crazy. I have checked each user group and all the individual admin and moderator permissions one by one. Everything looks to be granted properly.

But when I test them, they don't appear to be revoked at all.

Bizarre. I can go and change all permissions from the control panel, yet I can not move a feather when I go back to the forum.

Anyone else experiencing this?
I have also realized that all of my moderators' user account permissions are reset to grey as well. I wonder what else there is happening on ordinary users' accounts.

Chances are that some of them can not see the forums at all, thinking they have been banned or something.

How do we revoke a global setting onto all of the users by one button? Is there such feature at all?
Right. I think I figured it.

If an admin or moderator is also added to one of the secondary user groups which has a NEVER setting, then no matter what the primary user group permissions say, that account is NEVER granted that conflicting setting.

God that's a relief.
If it help you to visualise it - think of the usergroups as punch cards with holes in for each permission - stack them one on top of each other (the order is irrelevant) and imagine shining a torch light up through the bottom; if light comes through the permission is granted, but if the hole is blocked by any of the cards (usergroups) the light won't get through and the permission will never be granted.

The setting that completely blocks the hole is NEVER - no matter which card (usergroup) it is set on, it will always block the light!! ;)
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