Add-on Admin Alert Block [paying]


I want a sidebar block addon that when clicked it sends an alert to my account, sends an email, and can send a text message. You only need to do the php bit and what not, and include it in the add-on template. For the template just add a div and make it so when the div is clicked it sends the alerts, I will write the html and css myself.

I would like many options for this:

-Send XF alert to listed users
-Send email to set email
-Send text message to set number
-Send instant message to set email
-Send message to set skype user
-Per user click cooldown(spam guard)
-Global click cooldown(spam guard)
-Tell the name of who clicked this in the alert message

Basically I want a sidebar block that when clicked will alert me any way possible, but also has spam guards and logs who clicked it.



I wouldn't imagine this to be too difficult for someone to make, still waiting for someone to take on this task for me :)


Is this too hard for anyone to do, or possibly not possible?

An alternate version would be to have a button and when clicked it sends an alert to anyone I list in the options. I want the alert message to read "<Member> <Message>", where Member is the person who clicked it and message is a custom message I set in the options. Also don't forget spam guard settings such as per person cooldown and global cooldown. Also last bit isn't necessary but if at all possible to attach an audio file to the alert that will play automatically, this would be amazing, but that isn't required.