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XF 1.2 Addons to postbit (member info)


Active member
I am trying to make the postbit on xenforo match (close) to how my postbit where on vb.

How would i add my user ranks? Now it says staff member but i have my own user ranks. Anyway to replace (per user group)?

Also i have seen this (see attachment) on other xenforo sites. What is it called and where would i find it?

Also where and would i edit the postbit on xenforo? ex if i want username above avatar.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Style Properties -> Message Elements for post count, etc.

User groups banners can also be displayed.

Anything else requires custom code.


Active member
Thank you sir, it's a little hard getting use t xenforo after years on vb. (finding templates ect...)

Like changing the size and boldness of the name in the postbit. and changing the "staff member" tab