Addon that gets contents from XML , and sets usergroup.


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To make it less vague:
I have an API available to me , here's an example:
Or in JSON:
Now what I need is for the addon to take the Steam ID of the user from this plugin ( all my users are associated): , and put it in .
Then get the contents of the file , and if the output is equal to a specific text/string(Scammer) it sets the usergroup of the user to anything which I specify. ( Let's say usergroup number 4 )
I tried to do it myself , I got it to output in message_user_info , but after a while it broke when I tried to make it take the Steam ID and then no matter how hard I tried I couldn't recreate it.
I am willing to pay up to 20 bucks for this , or hopefully if someone is kind - free.