Addon Status System from vB3.8 to Xenforo


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Love commune, Xenforo
to change my decision to Xenforo took a long time now I would like to understand this.
However this depends on a single addon, this I would very like to publicly make.
To do this, I need a coder who know relatively well mi Xenforo and integrated the addon from vB 3.8 in Xenforo.
It is a status system such as Facebook or Google +.
Post, comment on, share, like! Everyone knows it and many forums do not have it unfortunately.
Draws the people back in the forums with a status system :)

Who has interest and can help me?
More please send PN here are a few Pictures:

Auf deutsch:

Liebe Xenforo Gemeinde,

meine Entscheidung zu Xenforo zu wechseln hat lange gedauert nun möchte ich dies vollziehen.
Allerdings hängt dies an einem Einzigen Addon, dieses ich auch sehr gerne Öffentlich machen würde.
Dazu bräuchte ich einen Coder der sich relativ gut mi Xenforo auskennt und das Addon von vB 3.8 in Xenforo integriert.
Es handelt sich um ein Status System wie es Facebook oder Goolge+ ist.
Post, kommentieren, teilen, like! Jeder kennt es und viele Foren haben es leider nicht.
Zieht die leute wieder in die Foren mit einem Status System :)

Wer hat Interesse und kann mir dabei helfen?!

Mehr bitte per PN hier noch ein paar Bilder:



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It is possible to create any add-on given the skill yourself or by contracting a developer.


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If I understand this correct, it is a core feature (built in) in Xenforo.
It is called "Profile-Posts".

However it's implementation is not very user-friendly. But it would be a simple change to place the Profile-Posts more prominently in your web site.


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No, that is a Addon in vBulletin 3.8.7.
Its on the new Site "status.php" only the own post is displayed in the profile,
as with Facebook in the Chronicle.


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So its like a history of the user status? I do not believe Xenforo keeps any history so you would want to save the user status to another table when they set one. Displaying the results is pretty easy. Some people might want a lot to make it but search around this should be very very easy. Any xenforo developer could do this in 1 day. But it depends on how complicated you want it to be.


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Yes, who has a clue should get it in a couple of hours out.
That's exactly what has Facebook only with better attitudes.
You can choose what friends or what user group can see the respective posting.

Messages could be also the profile and add the missing functionality to this!


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No, that is a Addon in vBulletin 3.8.7.
Its on the new Site "status.php" only the own post is displayed in the profile,
as with Facebook in the Chronicle.
That is Profile Posts in XenForo. Have you tried going to your own profile?


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Yes in this addon, all posts are displayed each on one side,
You can choose themselves whether all friends can see selected friends or posting another user group.
To do this, each posting can be divided into a profile of a friend.
in the own profile only the own postings and that have been shared with a.
If Mike or Kier would record this for a new version that would be awesome!
You could so the messages in Bulletin Board rename profile and my extensions to do this!


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@Kier and Co.

How would it be if you the profile messages in a State system as Facebook Expands?
You could call it so, then wall and profile your wall!
It would be not missing much this.


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You can hire a developer to add what you would like to see. From my understanding you want privacy options for status posts, etc.
From what I understand, @Tyran wants a "facebook" type of feel, where a user see's the feed of all profile posts by their friends/people they follow. Or a stream of all profile posts along with pictures if posted and such along with enhanced privacy.

@Tyran, it is possible to protect privacy of your own profile to restrict it to only people whom you follow. Check it out here -


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Yes you can set who can see the posting!
Public / friends / user groups / selected friends / only me
It's like Facebook!
It was this addon fantastic if there is someone
Converts from vBulletin 3.8.7 in a Ressoures by Xenforo!


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The visitor messages, you should add only the following:
1 Share in profile of a follower
2. Disable comments on my posting.
3. Pictures / video upload
4 Allow BBCode
5. Select post see: public (guests), public (members), selected group of users, selected members, only followers, just for me. -Changeable at any time
6. I like it / I don't like
7. A page where all postings that are you can see according to rights! With input field.
8. In dropdown menu with a selection of posts from public (guests), public (members), selected group of users, selected members, only followers, just for me. Rights you may see note.
9. Option user ban.

I know it is a lot, but it is really worth!



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Many of your requests are under the German privacy laws that stipulate the user has more control than the administrator, and can lock people from reading their posts, making comments on their posts, delete their account, etc. Features that are added to XenForo must appeal to users in all countries, and I do not see most of those features being popular outside Germany as we do not have this concept that the user can make demands of the site management.

Have you considered hiring an Addon developer to create these features for you? You could possibly recoup your expenses by selling the Addon here on