Addon Sellers - Please add copyright removal fee on Overview Page


Hello everyone ... :)

To addon sellers - please add copyright removal fee to the Overview Page.

It often says one is required but rarely includes that cost with those words.

I hate having to search for how much the cost will be.

Make it easy for us buyers please.

If this is possible.



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We don't have an option to add it into the quick bulletin notes at the top.

Some developers might advertise the cost in the thread, but you will usually see this cost during checkout (before you pay).


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Can't you add it in the section where it says copyright yes removable with payment?
No, we don't have that option.



Thanks everyone.

I don't know the exact thread I saw this in, but it was this author - @Russ - much like this thread :

They have - Branding Removal: $20 - on the Overview page.

I am not in the market for a theme, but I may buy one Russ, because the price is there!

So many times I have to look through the discussion thread, or visit the site, or check out, or ... :mad:

Before I can know what the full price will be.

If it cannot be put in the "Branding Visible" space - it can be on the Overview page.

Thanks again everyone for sharing and letting me vent a little ... :)