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Additional XenForo for testing purpose?

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by Doug Heffernan, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    i hope the Questions isn't that mostly but i'm wondering if i'm allowed to run an Additional XenForo to test Add-Ons and/or Styles on the same Domain name as the Original Forum just in a specific folder (maybe with .htaccess) ?

    I'm currently thinkin of setting up a new Forum to test XenForo's Add-Ons and Perfomance specific reasons.

    Thank you in advance !

    -Doug Heffernan
  2. CFodder

    CFodder Well-Known Member

    You're allowed to run a development board with your licence, it just has to be closed. Run our dev site that way.
  3. Pereira

    Pereira Well-Known Member

    From the License Agreement:

  4. Thank you very much CFodder and Pereira.

    I must have over-read this sentence !

    -Doug Heffernan
    Pereira likes this.
  5. CFodder

    CFodder Well-Known Member

    Not hard to do, VB was the same agreement and I only knew about that because it was mentioned in the forums ... years ago :eek:.

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