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Right now, when you submit a new resource, the meta description keywords are set on Tag Line field.
Example for:
<meta name="description" content="This add-on adds an &quot;quote in conversation&quot; link to the postbit" />
I would appreciate if an additional field is created under Tag Line (i.e. Meta Description), allowing me to add additional meta keywords, which will not appear into tag line. It will boost the page relevancy into Google search engine. Ideally, I should have full control what I insert into meta description. If I don't enter nothing into Meta Description field, the Tag Line field content will be inserted into meta description.

This is what I would like to display into above mentioned meta description:
<meta name="description" content="php xenforo resource add-on which adds a quote in conversation" />
while still displaying the previous Tag Line. Please let me know your thoughts on this change.
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it would be great if each Resource can be tagged with some "Keyword Tags".

Can this be done with some kind of "custom fields" or does it require an Addon ?