Duplicate Adding User Image Uploads Into Their Own Albums Automatically


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Putting in my official request for this one again @Chris D.

For those not in the know, what I'd like is for people to be able to have their images uploaded from any place on the forum into their own user albums, so that it can be a repository/reference for them to see what they've been doing, or to house all their collection.

If possible, a per-forum permission basis would be pretty sweet. That way, if you have a section of the forum that's full of naughty stuff, it won't get collected.


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Duplicate of https://xenforo.com/community/threads/view-pictures-across-site-on-media-gallery.86871/

Though you do have to read through a few posts to get the full details.
Kind of, but if I read that right, he's asking for more of a central image repository which can be sorted amongst the members. That's also a good idea, but mine is more for each person to get his/her own album where images are routed/copied once they upload them, so that they can see everything they've uploaded. It might be more practical for the other person's idea to be worked in rather than mine, but in the end the functionality would be all that mattered.