adding to a var in a template


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is there a version of set var
<xen:set var="$myVar">1234</xen:set>
<xen:set var.="$myVar">1234</xen:set>
that lets me keep adding to the var? I want to use it inside a loop to avoid repeating the loop later in the page.

if not would this work?
<xen:set var="$myVar">{xen:raw $myVar} 1234</xen:set>

if it makes a diff, in sidebar_online_staff there is a foreach loop that looks for mods & admins. I'd like for it to right under that have it also look for our VIP usergroup & then below the staff list have a vip list. I know I could do a 2nd for each to do that but is seemed like a waste when I could just collect them up in this one.