XF 1.4 Adding padding-bottom to list elements <li> in message body


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I have been trying to add some padding after list items in the message body, but I haven't been able to get it to work. Seems that adding it to EXTRA.CSS isn't doing it as expected. No luck searching here for a solution as of yet.

What I want to change is within this element:

.baseHtml ul li
If I add padding-bottom in the element inspector in Chrome, it adds the padding. Yet if I use this in EXTRA.css, the padding is not appearing. I looked further and there are a lot of elements that would need modifying.

In essence, any list should have this padding applied. Otherwise these lists are looking like one giant (and unreadable) paragraph of text.

Has anyone attempted this?


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If you want to add it after each list item:
.messageText.baseHtml ul li
    padding-bottom: 10px;
You will more than likely need to do it for an ordered list too (ol).


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Thanks Paul, that worked! Adding the .messageText was the missing link. Adding the <ol> element is easy enough also.