Lack of interest Adding more Webmaster tools to xenforo


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Hello I have suggestions I don't know other peoples like or not but everyone do it after setup a forum or a website

1- Adding Bing Webmaster tools also in admin cp like Google webmaster
2- Adding Yandex Webmaster Tools (Widely used in Russian sections )
3- Adding Baidu Webmaster tools ( Used in chines region )
5- Ping sitemap to all search engines mentioned above
6- Adding option to No-follow attribute to all content posted by users (Maybe not useful but its protect from spammers who want to get some backlinks )
7- Adding option multi-select threads & posts while moderation to make it easier like vBulletin

its just my mind maybe other people's says this not useful but near me, everyone when making a website they use Bing also and Russia China big nations its depends on Xenfor they maybe can ignore them . also this work we can do via templet customization


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About 7: What exactly is missing?
About 6: Links posted by non-admin users are already nofollow.


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I have set Moderation on whole forums to avoid spam . so if someone posts anything on the forum it will go to moderation . my forum has heavy traffic like daily 40K to 70K visitors and more than 500+ posts 400+ threads .
so I read thread fast and decide I have to delete them or approve them

in vb, i click simply Approve and all threads marked on approving then I scroll and keep reading which one I have to delete. so less then 10% is spam .
in Xen for, i have to click one by one to approve .
Mass selection option is not available