Adding information to the statistics tool


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I've been probing this myself for a few hours but I'm close to being completely stumped. I can't find any resources on this

I've added the following:
1. An appropriate Mod_StatsHandler_Type with settings perfectly matching exist XenForo defaults.
2. A row for each stat into xf_content_type with ('stat_type', 'addon_id', 'serialized array pointing to my class')
3. A row for each stat into xf_content_type_field with ('stat_type', 'stats_handler_class', 'Mod_StatsHandler_Type'

I still do not see my checkboxes on the daily statics page, though. What am I missing?


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There is no way to do it with the default UI... you either need to build a mechanism to do it yourself or you could probably force XF to do it on it's own by doing something like disabling an addon and then reenabling it.