Adding group image


I'm really sad to see, how difficult it is to add such a simple thing as ranks to my board :(

I searched over the forums, and lots of topics come up on how to achieve this via css, which haven't worked for me.

I really just want to enter a path for my image to display, but since I can't do this, I checked a topic that displayed that I could do this:
<xen:if is="{$user.user_group_id} == 3">
<img src="PATH/TO/image.gif" />

Okay, seemed simple enough, I tried, and it didn't work. Removed the if condition and image shows up. Okay, so this function user.user_group_id has been replaced by something else, sadly enough I haven't been able to find the documentation for the template syntax anywhere.

Can any one, please provide a simple solution on how to do this? :s


Sweet, thanks a lot.
Unfortunately my image is a bit too wide. I tried to go here Style Properties: Message Layout and edit the left margin to be a bit higher, but nothing seems to change when I edit the value, what could cause this?