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XF 1.3 Adding Fields To The Member Card On Posts


Hi all,

Is there a add on to display twitter icons on the users member cards (the card next to each post)

Here is where I mean

View attachment 80628

e.g. like here:
View attachment 80627
I posted this in the add-on's area, haven't had any reply, so I'm assuming I'm posting in the wrong place...

Here are the standard member cards...

I'd like to add my members Twitter, Facebook & YouTube links, to their member cards...

I'd also like to add Xbox, PSN, Steam Gamertag fields - is this possible? If so how would I go about it?

I.E. on registration the member enters the info they wish to use... Using "IF" commands, the fields/icons are then added to the member cards.

I managed to code this on vBulletin, but I'm still getting used to XenForo... Any advice/pointers would be appreciate :)

Thanks for your time!


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