Adding Elastic Search to licence


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I already have a licence for Xenforo. It's very likely I'm going to upgrade from shared hosting to a VPS. When I do I want to add Elastic Search. Doing a test purchase I can't add it to the cart on it's own.

How do I get it added to my current licence?


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It's impossible to add a new license to an existing license when clicking the ''Purchase extras/extensions' link.

These are the only options available.



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Thanks will do. Although I need to get my VPS sorted before I pull the trigger on the purchase.

I also need a 2nd XF license (+Elastic) for a 2nd forum I'm migrating over. I'll make sure I buy the 2 together for that one


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Sorted! I cleared my cart & logged out & back in to make sure I had the right password for you & had another go & it worked ok. My first attempt to add ES I wasn't logged in & the XF licence was also added. Seems you can't then stop it being added if you then log in - no matter how many times you remove from cart & try again. I added it again just now while I was logged out, then logged in & got caught in the same loop. Cart cookie issue?
Thanks anyway!