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Unmaintained Adding an image to your Quote box

as it says on the tin really

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    Azhria Lilu submitted a new resource:

    Adding an image to your Quote box (version 1) - as it says on the tin really

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    Excellent work Az. :)
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  3. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    Thanks Shelley. Figured it was time I gave back something, even if it's a small something LOL
  4. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    looks great doesn't matter how small or minor the enhancement is, it's always the little touches that make the difference. My only question is, are you feeling okay? your being rather productive? :cautious: seriously, nice work.
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  5. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    I know.. right? I've had that done for quite a while.. I've even started another two styles o_O.. it's this cough, it's making me act out of character :D
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  6. oman

    oman Well-Known Member

    Very Nice Azhria! Hope you don't mind if I use your quotes image :p

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  7. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    hehehe, sure :)
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