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Adding a warning message to the report dialog


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Adding a warning to the report dialog - Adds a warning to rmeind users to only report rule-breaking content. Useful if you're often dealing

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Step 1: Add some CSS to your EXTRA.css template

To ensure the alert looks nice on the report dialog (which has a darker background than most parts of the XenForo interface), we'll add a few lines of CSS. Find and edit your EXTRA.css template and add the following to the bottom:

form.xenForm > ul.reportNotices > li.warningNotice {
    background: linear-gradient(rgb(240, 80, 80), rgb(224, 48, 48)) repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent;...
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How many templates use the report system? and how can I translate the sentence?
thanks for share!
Glad you like it. As far as I know, it's just these four templates that are responsible for showing the report forum:

As for localisation, you'll want to use a phrase. You can create one in the ACP (appearance section). I'd suggest calling it "report_warning_message" (edit: see this) or similar. Next, edit the template so it references the phrase you just created:

<ul class="messageNotices reportNotices"><li class="warningNotice"><span class="icon Tooltip" data-tipclass="iconTip flipped"></span>{xen:phrase report_warning_message}</li></ul>
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