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Add user id class to user links 1.0

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Arty submitted a new resource:

Add user id class to user links - Adds user-{id} to user name links

This simple add-on adds .user-{n} class to username links, making it easy to add custom CSS for certain users without adding them to separate user group.

  • Upload files from library/ to library/
  • Install add-on
Usage: add something like this to extra.css
.username.user-1 {
    color: red;
    font-weight: bold;
Change 1 to correct user id
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Those links are a bit more complex and require additional rule:
.username.user-1 .style3 { color: red; }
Change 3 .style3 to id of user group that creates that red color.


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Maybe you've used wrong group id? Inspect that link in your browser to see correct id.