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Does anyone know how to add team logos into the postbit? What I'm looking for was what North American Team Logos (on vBulletin accomplished, if anyone is familiar with that).

I have all the logos done for the teams.

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How would I rephrase it btw?

Going to try and get this to work.

Edit: Almost got this working.

Just need help regarding three things

1 - How do I remove the team logos from the quick reply (http://i.imgur.com/yClWl4K.png)

2 - How do I change Mood Choser to Team Chooser (http://i.imgur.com/edq6FmU.png)

3 - How do I change the Select the mood you are currently in ----> to 'Select your favorite Midwest Sports Team' (http://i.imgur.com/xrVkxsa.png)
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I'm still adjusting to Xenforo since I recently switched over from vBulletin, but how would I do this?
It takes a little bit of a setup but this is one way we did a custom user field on our old site:


Replace gen# with the team name.png, then replace the "level #" with the team name itself, this would show in the dropdown.


The value display html
<img src="/styles/site-images/{$choice}.png" class="genLevel Tooltip" title="Regeneration {$value}" alt="{$value}" />
We'd name all of our images:
gen3.png ect ect...

so whatever "Regen" level those chose, it would display that image on the post bit.

It takes some leg work initially but once you get a few in there it moves pretty quick :D.


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Is there any add-on to add some NBA, NHL icons without applying this tuto?


If you use the "Moods" addon, change some phrases, and upload team images before doing it, you can select 1.

Save that, the only way I know to show more than 1 is the template edit / custom fields method.


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In fact, I would like to choose more than one so I will check with custom field.
However, can someone make an app for this?

Of course, I will pay the fees but IDK if it's possible or not?


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How can you fix the problem? The problem is they don't want to do the tutorial, instead have an add-on do it.
If he needs an add-on for this, is that it is poorly explained, because the postbit represents that for me:


And who told you that I don't know to create an add-on?


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If he needs an add-on for this, is that it is poorly explained, because the postbit represents that for me:

View attachment 101808

And who told you that I don't know to create an add-on?

I don't recall saying you didn't.

I was going by what he said. I replied as such.

https://xfuniverse.com/threads/custom-userfields-into-postbit.196/ <--- This is a very easy to follow tutorial @Betclever, if you need any help, feel free to ask in the thread.

As far as an add-on, I'd like to see one as well. I just can't justify the expense to have it developed when a 5 minute template edit will get the same results.

Best of luck either way.


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I'm using game profile where I can choose between PSN, skype, FB, Twitter but it is an add-on and I don't know where I can find logo of the team
cause I want to do this for Us sports and soccer to begin?

However, can we put a limit to 6 by example?



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The guide I posted you can add as many as you want.... or as little.
Hum ok so I have to follow the one on your website and don't use the one here?
Sorry but I'm just dubitative so it's the reason I'm asking you which one shall I follow...

However, what a bout the size of the logo?

For my forum, I would like to have icons 24x24 but shall I resize them or I can take the ones on the official team sites or nba.com by example and the system
will resize them for me?