Lack of interest Add Tags To Individual Forums

Brent W

Well-known member
When you create or edit a forum you should be able to add tags to that forum that describe the forum. For example, if you created a new forum in the category TV Shows called Family Guy we would add the following tags:

Seth McFarlane

and etc etc

The reason for doing this would be making it easier for 1) users to find forums that would interest them via search 2) allow us to build a recommend forums to watch / follow engine that would allow a user to type in related terms and find a forum that includes those terms.

The whole point is to make it easier for us to easily offer content that will interest our members and put that content in front of them.

On our largest site we have over 450 forums. We constantly get complaints from members that they don't know where to post something or wish we had something when we actually do.

I guess this is a more specific individual request for a broader issue that is facing forums.