Add Support for Prefixes


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I thought this was already implemented but i've just realised it isn't. I would like this option rather than creating different categories for different topics, Eg. A Gaming category with prefixes listing game types, such as MMO, RPG, etc....


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Prefixes for media would actually allow for a lot more categorization. Which is direly needed in on my site.
Optimally we could force prefixes and then have filters for prefixes. This would add a new way to filter media.
And if there would be a display setting for Media home then the main index would become usable for us.

Currently our media index is always littered with cat gifs and irrelevant stuff, instead of showing the content that the site is about.


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I thought this was at that point executed yet i've quite recently acknowledged it isn't. I might want this alternative as opposed to making distinctive classifications for various themes, Eg. A Gaming class with prefixes posting amusement sorts, for example, MMO, RPG, etc....


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Damn, was looking for an answer on this dilemma myself. Shame prefixes aren't supported. Tagging it is then :)