Add some BB code to album and item descriptions.


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Formatting to the extent of bold, italic, and underline as well as links would be very welcoming in the descriptions of albums and items. This is so that one image could easily link to a specific topic with an internal anchor link as well as emphasize points being made, etc.

I would not go all out on it to add images, tables, quotes, colors, etc.--only a few that could format it a bit as well as connect relevant content, be it in the forums or XFMG.

Say these are albums: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Album 1 is a shoot of Colorado in the summer and Album 9, on page 5 (so more like album 100 or so, but stay with me), is a shoot of Colorado in the winter.

A good description for the summer shoot (1) would be something like this:
If you've been a member long enough, you may have seen our shoot of Colorado in the winter—here it is in the summer!
(Linking to 9)

While Album 9 could be updated to include something like this:
If you like Colorado in the winter, you will definitely love Colorado in the summer!
(Linking to 1)

Individual media items could also link to various threads to put words into images too, without adding an image and then comment on it for that possibility.

If there isn't a consensus of which minimalistic BB code to be implemented, without going all-in on an editor (so "power users" would be able to use it only until everyone learned which ones were accepted; to make this learning curve happen faster there could be something like: "Some BB code formatting accepted [?]" near the input with a hover of the question mark showing which BB code is), just open it up for HTML and add a permission for it.
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