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XF 1.2 Add Signatures into Member Cards?

I've been trying to add member signatures into member cards but the stuff inside profiles or user messages isn't working...


    <xen:if is="{$user.signature}">
        <div class="memberCardSignature">
            {xen:raw $user.signatureHtml}
Basically it just generates nothing, empty code. I'm assuming it's missing the data or something, but I don't know what I should do to go about getting it to work.
Any chance I can get a pointer as to where to look within the controllers? Sorry, not very familiar with PHP.

I did some digging around but I'm not sure if this code is the part doing it for the user page/messages or if it's somewhere else:

            if (XenForo_Application::getOptions()->cacheBbCodeTree && $fetchOptions['join'] & self::FETCH_USER_PROFILE && $fetchOptions['join'] & self::FETCH_BBCODE_CACHE)
                $selectFields .= ',
                    signature_parse_cache.parse_tree AS signature_parsed, bb_code_parse_cache.cache_version AS signature_cache_version';
                $joinTables .= '
                    LEFT JOIN xf_bb_code_parse_cache AS signature_parse_cache ON
                        (signature_parse_cache.content_type = \'signature\' AND signature_parse_cache.content_id = post.user_id)';