Lack of interest Add markup to emails

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With this we don't need to open the mail anymore:d ( 200 mails per day x > 3 seconds per mail) => >600 seconds per day which i can spend on my pages or instead on gmail ^^

It would be nice for the account verification
And for goto actions (goto thread/post , goto conversation)

edit:not sure if it will work:/ it seems that it worked in my tests because i sent the mail to myself

looks like i have to implement it myself and send the request mail that they activate it for my pages :/


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Any ideas for InApp Actions?

What about unsubscribe? 1.2 will include the direct link to unsubsribe, so it would be IMO possible


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How about removing conversation notifications when the conversation was removed by the spam cleaner? Would that be possible?


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This will not be accepted by google across all the actions you would ideally want. However, single-click actions that perform a round trip and do not take the user anywhere might be easy to get approved - I'll be the guinea pig :p

I can get it working very easily in principle - I tested it with account confirmation
screenshot of test email received....


When I clicked the blue "confirm account" link above, it doesnt take me anywhere, it just turned into a tick - the test account inside xenforo was changed to valid.
It seems a nice feature, if approval happens.

I've filled in the registration form at google... let's see how I get on.

mark up was a piece of cake.... open up the user_email_confirmation template.
Before all other content, add
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "EmailMessage",
  "action": {
    "@type": "ConfirmAction",
    "name": "Confirm Account",
    "handler": {
      "@type": "HttpActionHandler",
      "url": "{xen:link 'canonical:account-confirmation/email', $user, 'c={$confirmation.confirmation_key}'}"
  "description": "Approval request for new account at {$xenOptions.boardTitle}"

I think approval for registration confirmations would be fine.... I don't think you'll get approved for any other actions I can think of, certainly not go-to actions as it appears only flights, restaurants, etc get those.

@Mike just tagging you here - easy change to make.... let see if i get approved.