Duplicate Add Public Notices to the Notice System


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Just add these notices to the regular notice system, so we can edit them:

  • 'notice_upgrade_pending',
  • 'notice_board_closed',
  • 'notice_confirm_email',
  • 'notice_cookies'
Manipulating notice_confirm_email means I have to search and modify multiple phrases including a template. It is much easier to just put this into the notice system and also cleans up some of the notice code.

    * List of notice templates and phrases to load if the specified param is set
    * @var array [param => template/phrase key]
   public $notices = array(
     'showUpgradePendingNotice'  => 'notice_upgrade_pending',
     'showBoardClosedNotice'  => 'notice_board_closed',
     'isAwaitingEmailConfirmation' => 'notice_confirm_email',
     'showCookieNotice'  => 'notice_cookies'
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Liam W

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This has always been a common gripe of mine...

Would be much nicer to have it as part of the main system (although I've migrated to the notifications system).