Add Options for Profile Post and User Status Character Limits


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Currently, the limits for the initial profile posts and user statuses are 420 and 140 characters, respectively; however, unlike posts, there are no options that control them and they require core file edits.

I think it would be nice if we could easily control the character limits for initial profile posts and user statuses in the administrator control panel.


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You should set the limit for posts and comments in the ACP.
I'd like for posts and comments limit 1000 !
Currently, posts have 140 and 420 comments.

I have Limit in 1.4.0 Beta 2 to 2000 -> click XenPinn
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Was the 140 char limit in profile posts recently added? (Recently meaning "within the last few updates") I don't remember this being an issue in the past, and looking back through my profile posts, I have older ones that are larger than 140 chars.

I too would like to be able to modify this length in the ACP.



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This should be defined by individual forum admins based on what works for their forums not some stupid social network most my members could care less about.. 140 characters is merely an exaggerated thread title.. I am aware there was once reasoning for this limit but as far as i know nothing ever came of the twitter connection anyways, so lift this draconian restriction and give us the ability to define this limit on our own.. This is definitely not a place XF needs to dictate to its customers how our profile pages should be used.. Twitter isnt even in my members vocabulary.


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I just searched the Admin CP for a way to increase the limits of 140 and 420 characters for profile posts and profile post comments to 1000 but found that it was hard-coded. Really? Why do thet have to be hard-coded? Sure, set defaults for how you think the system should be used, but forcing it upon people like this? Not very friendly.